Tenera provided personnel to participate in construction monitoring tasks as part of the Cuesta Grade (Highway 101) road improvement project in San Luis Obispo County, California. This project was a major highway re-alignment, and was being constructed as a joint venture between CalTrans and a private highway engineering & building firm. Tenera staff documented all construction activities within the mapped Environmentally Sensitive Areas and ensured compliance with Federal and State permits.(CalTrans and Modern Continental Roadway San Luis Obispo, California).

Tenera worked with jurisdictional agencies on mitigating flood damage, designing a streambank revetment project, and drafting a plan to restore the lost functional values of the Morro Creek corridor adjacent to Silver City Mobile Manor. The Morro Creek Restoration Project first prioritized the objectives of all stakeholders federal, state, and local agencies, special interest groups, and individual property owners to design a project that satisfied the needs of the majority and that complied with environmental regulations. Species of concern included southern steelhead trout, California red-legged frog, and western pond turtle. Existing stormwater drainages were replaced with higher-capacity inlets fitted with state-of-the-art hydrocarbon filters to improve the water quality of Morro Creek.

Tenera Environmental fielded a team of scientists to conduct environmental monitoring at Manchester State Beach, California of horizontal direction drilling operations for landing fiber optic cables. The land-based rig drilled a continuous hole under the beach that exited the ocean bottom in approximately 10 meters water depth. Tenera was responsible for acquisition, mobilization, and maintenance of an array of equipment for the purpose of detecting accidental drilling mud release. Tenera scientists simultaneously conducted shoreline and ship-based monitoring using state-of-the-art fluorometry and water sampling techniques.

Construction monitoring-related studies completed by TENERA Environmental include:
  • Cuesta Grade Stream Construction Monitoring
  • Morro Creek Restoration Project
  • AT&T - Manchester Beach / Japan U.S. Fiber Optic Cable Project
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Cuesta Grade Construction Monitoring - San Luis Obispo, CA

Morro Creek Restoration Project, Morro Bay, CA

Fiber Optic Cable, Manchester Beach, CA

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