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Tenera provides marine environmental services across a broad range of sectors.

Tenera supports a range of clients operating in the coastal and marine environment.

We leverage our expertise and experience in marine science to support our clients in industry and government by providing a full range of marine environmental services, from designing and implementing marine surveys, to specialist advisory services that underpin our clients decision making process.

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Since 1976, we have been the consultant of choice to a major utility company on one of the largest NPDES marine monitoring programs ever conducted.

Coastal Development and Construction

We offer support to coastal development and construction projects through our expertise in designing and implementing field studies to collect information on the marine environment.

Fisheries and Aquaculture

Through our expertise in marine science, environmental impact assessment, and policy development and implementation, Tenera can provide a broad range of advisory and data services to the fishery and aquaculture sectors, both to industry clients and government agencies.


We have spent decades working with developers and government agencies helping to navigate difficult planning and development projects. We leverage our unique position as a scientific advisor to developers and government agencies to facilitate the delivery of objective, independent data-based analysis to support the decision-making process. We also have an experienced and highly capable field presence that enables government staff to rapidly collect information critical to informing key decisions.

Harbors and Marinas

For more than 20 years, we have assisted port, harbor, and marina managers with regulatory compliance requirements.


Our experience across many sectors in the marine environment provides us with the background and expertise to support telecommunications clients in their assessment of the implications of marine environmental issues on their projects. We value high quality data for supporting the decision processes that take place throughout a project lifecycle, from early strategic level planning through project design development, construction and ongoing operation and maintenance. Tenera can provide its clients with objective, transparent marine environmental baseline information and analyses that supports their project goals.


Developing effective strategies and measuring their impacts to maintain sustainable water resource use.

Offshore Renewables

Since 1976, Tenera has provided a full range of marine environmental services to clients and regulators involved in coastal energy development. As the offshore renewable energy sector grows, Tenera is uniquely positioned to provide its decades of experience working on marine environment issues to advise on the sectors sustainable development.

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