Coastal Development and Construction

Monitoring coastal development for the marine environment.

We offer support to coastal development and construction projects through our expertise in designing and implementing field studies to collect information on the marine environment.

We collect and analyze data prior to, during, and following the construction of coastal developments to ensure projects can demonstrate that they have minimized their effects on the marine environment. Our field surveys and desk based analyses draw on our extensive expertise in marine science and are frequently integrated into CEQA/NEPA reports and other planning deliverables. 

We are delivery focused, always mindful of the pressure developers are under to ensure projects remain on time and within budget. Our field biologists are highly experienced in working alongside construction teams to ensure the project is delivered safely, smoothly and in a cost-effective way. Our project managers work closely with developers to ensure projects are strategically planned to maximize potential for reducing their impact on the marine environment and subsequently meet regulatory approvals. Our project management experience ensures we take a risk-based approach to anticipating project needs and we are always on hand to address unforeseen developments as they arise.

Our expertise includes:

  • Marine mammal and protected species services;
  • Seagrass and other marine vegetation studies
  • Environmental impact assessment;
  • Baseline marine environmental studies;
  • Marine environmental monitoring; and
  • Strategic level project planning.

CA DGS Certified Small Business #34521

141 Suburban Rd, Ste A2, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401.   (805) 541 0310

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