Serving as scientific advisors to agencies and developers.

Tenera has a deep understanding of the challenge of developing and implementing policy that represents the goals and objectives of governments role in the marine and coastal sector.

We have  spent decades working with developers and government agencies helping to navigate difficult planning and development projects. We leverage our unique position as a scientific advisor to developers and government agencies to facilitate the delivery of objective, independent data-based analysis to support the decision-making process. We also have an experienced and highly capable field presence that enables government staff to rapidly collect information critical to informing key decisions.

We support government clients in several different, interconnected ways. Our experienced field and data scientists can ensure that the data used to underpin decisions is rigorously quality controlled, of the highest standard, and supports transparent decision making. Our project managers and principal scientists are experienced in identifying project goals and designing observational or experimental studies to deliver on those goals. We also pride ourselves on our objectivity, allowing the data to lead the decision process and determine the conclusions of a study.

Our expertise of most value to government clients includes:

  • Project management and coordination of technical assessments.
  • Design and implementation of marine surveys and monitoring;
  • Marine environmental impact assessments (including CEQA, NEPA, EFH, etc.);
  • Advisory services to policy development

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