Water Treatment and Supply

We help water suppliers assess and reduce their impacts on marine and estuarine environments

Developing effective strategies and measuring their impacts to maintain sustainable water resource use.

Water suppliers, such as water districts, desalination facilities, and sewage treatment works, often interact with natural marine and estuarine communities. Tenera provides a suite of planning and permitting services to these sectors to support their efforts to understand and subsequently reduce their impacts on the natural environment. Tenera’s team of experienced applied marine ecologists, field biologists, and project managers understand the importance of rigorous, value-added data collection and analysis to environmental management programs. Our cross-industry experience allows us to leverage a broad knowledge of integrating environmental monitoring and assessment when advising our clients on the most environmentally sound approach to maintaining their facilities and ensuring that water supply is sustainable and environmentally protective. 

Water is an increasingly precious resource for towns and cities. However, it is also a vital environmental resource. Tenera specializes in providing services to gain a greater understanding of the natural environmental through data collection and analysis. This allows our clients to better interpret and measure their potential for negative effects on the natural environment when providing vital drinking water, sanitary and agricultural water to their constituents. For example, we have assessed the potential effects of desalination, developing and implimenting methods that are recognised in State policy as best practice for assessing intake effects on marine life. We also work to help locate seabed and estuarine infrastructure for facilities, assess their ongoing effects on the marine environment, and mitigate those impacts effectively. 

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