Recognized as one of the leading groups of marine and coastal ecosystem scientists on the U.S. Pacific Coast, we provide our clients with experienced field teams and highly qualified scientific advisors.

We have the technical capabilities and specialized equipment to fully document the physical and biological aspects of the marine environment, tailored to our clients plan, program, or project requirements.

Biological surveys, sidescan sonar, digital underwater video, precision temperature data collection, ADCP current profiling, sediment core sampling, and GIS habitat mapping are just some of the tools we use to provide our clients with comprehensive data to underpin their decision-making process.

Marine Biological Surveys

AAUS and Commercially Qualified Diving Services

Plankton Sample Processing and Taxonomy

Hydrographic Surveys

Acoustic and Remote Modeling

Marine Mammal, Sea Bird, and Sea Turtle Monitoring

CA DGS Certified Small Business #34521

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