Sustainable marine cable planning and construction monitoring.

Tenera specializes in the collection and interpretation of nearshore marine scientific information.

Our experience across many sectors in the marine environment provides us with the background and expertise to support telecommunications clients in their assessment of the implications of marine environmental issues on their projects. We value high quality data for supporting the decision processes that take place throughout a project lifecycle, from early strategic level planning through project design development, construction and ongoing operation and maintenance. Tenera can provide its clients with objective, transparent marine environmental baseline information and analyses that supports their project goals.

We maintain an active field team of commercial and AAUS certified scientific divers, experienced marine taxonomists, oceanographic instrumentation technicians and a portfolio of equipment from boats to acoustic and autonomous oceanographic instruments. We also have experienced biostatisticians, database managers and project managers that understand the importance of high-quality data and documented data and analysis controls.

Our expertise in providing services to the telecommunications sector includes:

  • Environment impact assessment (CEQA, NEPA, EFH, etc);
  • Environmental constraints/planning feasibility assessment of conceptual cabling routes;
  • Subtidal and intertidal surveys (diver, ROV, fixed wing and unmanned aerial, etc.)
  • HDD drill monitoring

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