AAUS and Commercially Qualified Diving Services

We maintain an active SCUBA capability

Diver surveys and operations are a core capability at Tenera. We maintain a Dive Program within the company, in line with our American Academy of Underwater Scientists (AAUS) membership. Central to our dive program are the activities of our Dive Control Board. Our board includes a manager, a Dive Safety Officer and several experienced and active dive team leaders. The board meets regularly to review safety protocols, diver status, and ongoing diver education and professional development within the company. Our core client base and long-term activities include diving activities at large scale infrastructure facilities such as nuclear and fossil fuel power plants. Therefore, our diving activities are held to the highest safety standards. Since 1975 when dive operations began, Tenera has maintained a perfect dive safety record.

Our divers have amassed thousands of hours of professional diving experience. Our dive work varies from mid-water and benthic habitat surveys to the deployment and maintenance scientific instrumentation, infrastructure inspections and light salvage duties. We have undertaken dive survey work in harbors, bays, along the open coast and offshore in open water. Our divers work from the shore, piers, and our fleet of small boats. Our professional diving experience has spanned the Pacific coast of North America, from Alaska to the Mexican border. Our dive team includes volunteer Public Safety Divers for the San Luis Obispo Sheriff’s dive team, active diving instructors, qualified First Aid responders with specialist diver medical qualifications. We also maintain reciprocity agreements through AAUS with academic institutions throughout the United States that allow us to work from research vessels. Often our dive projects involve bespoke requirements, such as the collection of tissue samples for radiation analysis, video and still photography.  


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